How often does it happen that two youngsters, aged 14 and 12 years, appear on a stage and introduce themselves as “I am the co-founder & president of …..” and “I am the co-founder & CEO of …”? Well, it did happen when Shravan Kumaran 14, and Sanjay Kumaran, 12, introduced themselves as president & CEO of Go-dimension, an app development unit that they founded two years ago from their bedroom in their home in Chennai. Today, they are arguably India’s youngest chief executives. Tomorrow, they hope to fill the big shoes of the late, great Steve Jobs.

Go Dimension

Go Dimension

In the past three years the two have developed eleven apps that are available on the Apple App Store and Google’s Android Play Store. The apps have received over 35,000 downloads. Their first app — Catch me Cop on the Apple App Store — was released two years and was a hit. That was a game where a con escapes prison and a wide hunt is launched for him. There are chases through a desert, beach and a maze. Their other apps on the App Store are ‘Alphabet Board’, ‘Prayer Planet’ and ‘Colour Pallette’, which together have been downloaded over 10,000 times. In the works is ‘Olympic Thief’, which they plan to have ready in time for the London Games. The apps are free for download, says Shravan. The company will make money on advertisements in their apps, he said.

Shravan mentioned about his inspiration from Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, for his skills of developing clear user interface. Shravan explained about how these brothers are focusing on developing well-ordered interface for their Gaming apps as well. It’s the front interface who attracts more users. And another inspiration of Kumarans came from Bill Gates for making logical and effective marketing strategies.

Since the two are less than 18 years, Go Dimensions cannot be registered in their names as per Indian law. So the registration is in the names of seven of their family members who are above 18. Company donates 15% of its profit into charity funds. wishes the young duo all the best in all their future endeavors. 

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