how to sell online on snapdeal

How to sell on Snapdeal

Snapdeal founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal is India’s largest online marketplace offering more than four million products across a range of categories from over 50,000 sellers. With more and more people shopping online, ecommerce continues to be one of the fastest growing industries with plenty of opportunities. Selling through online marketplaces like Snapdeal, Flipkart or Amazon can help established businesses quickly find customers without having to worry about technology or marketing. You can sell product on Snapdeal by registering as a seller.

sell product on Snapdeal

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How to register for sell product on Snapdeal?

You have to apply online to become Snapdeal Seller. There is no registration fee. You just need to fill up simple form. After reviewing your application, Snapdeal will approve you. If you get approval, you are eligible to sell product on Snapdeal.

Checklist before register on Snapdeal :-
a) a Pan Card for the Individual Seller as Proprietorship Firm or Registered business PAN card.
b) Mainly VAT ( Value Added Tax ) Registration i.e is a state tax registration mandatory for selling things in India.
c) Current Bank Account on the name of business which is open after obtain VAT Registration Certificate in the case of Proprietorship Firm.

How to list your product on snapdeal?

Snapdeal will provide you login information. You can easily list your product from control panel. Listing of product is absolutely free. Snapdeal charge a certain commission when an order is completed.

How to sell on snpadeal

How to sell on snpadeal

What type of product you can sell?

You can sell product on Snapdeal from following category.

Category: Clothing Men & Women Accessories, Beauty Product, baby Products, , Books, Consumer Electronics, Digital Accessories, Jewellery, Kitchen, Luggage, Mobile Phones, Movies, Music, Personal Care Appliances, Personal Computers, Tablets, furniture and more. For more details of category you can visit Snapdeal website.

How to sell product on Snapdeal?

When you receive order from a buyer, Snapdeal will inform you. You just need to deliver it and confirm shipment. Snapdeal will deposite your payment via bank transfer.

To sell product on Snapdeal you have to fulfil their criteria. You should be eligible for sell product in India. You should sell new and genuine product via Snapdeal. Remember Snapdeal do not take any charge for restoration and listing your catalogue online. They only charge small commission when a sell is completed. You will get known actual charge in the time of registration process for sell product on Snapdeal.


How to register for VAT :- Value added tax is a state level tax and thus process for registration of VAT varies state to state. You can use MyeCA services for VAT registration. Costing for registration also varies state to state and which can be in between  Rs. 5000 Rupees to Rs. 11000.
In Most of the State, assessee is required to deposit security amount as fixed Deposit or bank Guarantee or need 2 surety which are already registered under that State VAT Registration. In Delhi State VAT laws need not require any security.
Common Documents for the VAT Registration
a) ID & Address Proof of the Individual Seller like PAN Card/Voter ID/Passport/DL/AdharCard.
b) One Business Place Address Proof like Electricity bill or Rent Agreement or NOC from Landlord.

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